Current Action Alert

An important rule-making is in the works which will help protect water quality for millions of people. Get the facts on the Waters of the US and add your name to the list of those speaking up for clean water. [learn more]


Nitrogen & Phosphorus Pollution

Excess nitrogen and phosphorus produce the algae that is choking our waters. A natural phenomenon or man-made pollution? [learn more]


EPA Lawsuit

The US EPA agrees that excess nitrogen and phosphorus are to blame for poor water quality in the Mississippi River Basin. So why isn’t it doing more to regulate them? [learn more]


Factory Farms

Animal waste from factory farms poses a serious threat to our drinking water and recreational areas. So why isn’t our water better protected from animal waste?
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Wetlands contribute to ecosystems in so many ways: providing animal habitats, controlling flooding, reducing erosion, filtering pollutants. Why are we still allowing them to disappear? [learn more]


Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

At the mouth of the Mississippi River lies an area roughly the size of Connecticut where the water cannot support aquatic life. What’s causing it? And what can we do about it?
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    The Mississippi River Collaborative is a partnership of environmental organizations and legal centers from states bordering the Mississippi River as well as regional and national groups working on issues affecting the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The Collaborative harnesses the resources and expertise of its diverse organizations to reduce pollution entering the Mississippi River as well as the Gulf of Mexico.