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1. How can I get involved in the Collaborative?

You can support the work of a member group nearest your home by donating or volunteering. A list of Collaborative organizations is available for you.

2. What is the environmental regulatory agency in my state?

This is a list of environmental regulatory agencies for the 10-state Mississippi River Basin. For a complete list of states, click here.

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

3. What can I do to help keep the Mississippi River clean?

Better than turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, you can join a movement. If there isn’t a group in your community, you can create one. Support a group in your state.

Get to know local and statewide politicians and tell them you want clean water and stronger laws to protect clean water. They hear from industry lobbyists everyday that want to weaken water laws, but your vote counts!

Learn about what’s going on in your watershed. What are the local industries? Ask your utility for a tour of the drinking water plant and wastewater plant. Knowing how water is delivered to and from your home will increase understanding that what you put in your water, through your shower and your sink, ends up in the local river for the downstream people to drink.

4. What is the Dead Zone? How big is it?

Learn about this important issue here.

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