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MRC is pleased to provide expert environmental analysis and quotes from some of the most experienced scientists, lawyers, policy analysts, and environmental advocates in their respective fields:

Clean Water Act
Judy Petersen, Executive Director, Kentucky Waterways Alliance

Nitrogen & Phosphorus Pollution (i.e., Nutrient Pollution), Algae Blooms
Kris Sigford, Water Quality Program Director, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone
Matt Rota, Senior Policy Director, Gulf Restoration Network

Wetlands Mitigation Programs, Nationwide Permits
Jessica Dexter, Staff Attorney, Environmental Law & Policy Center

Wetlands Water Quality Standards
Peter Goode, Washington University Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic

Agricultural Pollution, Farm Bill
Susan Heathcote, Water Program Director, Iowa Environmental Council

Factory Farms (i.e. Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs)
Carol Hays, Water Resources Scientist, Prairie Rivers Network

Water Quality Trading Programs
Brad Klein, Senior Attorney, Environmental Law & Policy Center

Current Mississippi River-Related Events on Capitol Hill
Jared Mott, Policy Analyst, Northeast-Midwest Institute

General Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, contact Will Willis (Kentucky Waterways Alliance) or Stacy Harbaugh (Midwest Environmental Advocates)

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