3. NATURAL HYDROLOGY is protected and restored.

3.1 Precipitation naturally absorbs, flows and drains. (Natural hydrologic cycle is intact.)

  • Soil health is increased.
  • Artificial drainage is reduced.
  • Wetlands are protected and restored.
  • Floodplains are protected and restored.

3.2 River is free from unnatural obstructions where practicable.

  • Man-made impediments (dams & training structures) are removed where practicable.
  • Where man-made impediments are not removable, impacts to natural flow and fish passage are mitigated.

3.3 Sediment transport is optimized.

  • Channelization is reduced where practicable.
  • Erosion is minimized.
  • Sediments are beneficially used to restore land and wetlands.
  • Bedload transport is unhindered on its way down the River.

3.4 Ground and surface water withdrawals are sustainably managed.

  • States bordering MS River perform ecological analysis of withdrawals.
  • States bordering MS River require registration and reporting of ground and surface water withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals are controlled so they are sustainable.